More popular with Kampala weekenders, this 25km squared lake is nevertheless an excellent place to rest up for a day or two ,with its bilharzia-free beaches that are serviced regularly and affordable tranquil resorts. Situated only 20km East of Masaka, Lake Nabugabo is one of those places in Uganda where the copied crows(corvus albus) are found.These birds that cannot live in Tropical forests are easy to see in Uganda mainly in Villages,towns and plains.

At the lake,these birds stay in a flock or murder( a group of crows) as they hunt for food from one end to another.The ability to distinguish individual humans by recognizing facial features,makes them one of the most intelligent birds in the world.They can also make tools that they need to use in their day-to-day activities like the baits that are used for catching fish. As many birds struggle looking for food,these intelligent birds store food for future use.

One unique type of crows is the New Caledonian Crow which can make tools that are used in its serch for food. Some of the tools that these birds make are the knives cut from stiff leaves and stiff stalks of grass.They also drop hard nuts on the ground which they cannot crack into streets and wait for the cars to crack for them. One special attribute about crows is that they can eat anything including;poisonous frogs-they remove the poisonous organs and eat other parts, fruits,nuts ,earthworms,eggs,seeds,mice nestling and other birds.

Apart from these intelligent crows,there are other birds at the lake like the broad-billed roller,Ross’s turaco,black-and-white horn-bill,weaver birds,African fish eagle and a variety of sun birds. And animals such as squirrels that are found in the forest patches that line the lakeshore, interspersed with grassy clearings and cultivated small holdings. Others are vervet monkeys and monitor lizards,and can easily be explored along several roads and footpaths