Uganda has 10 national parks that protect a wide range of both fauna and flora. Uganda’s national parks are instrumental to bird watching given that they host a variety of birds. These parks are protected and thus offer safe havens for birds in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Located in Western Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National park is one of the best places to go birding in Africa. The park is situated in the districts of Kasese, Kamwenge, Rukungiri and Bushenyi. The park location is located approximately 376 kilometers by road, southwest of Kampala, which is Uganda’s capital and the largest city. The town of Kasese also lies outside the northeastern edge of the park, while the town of Bushenyi is also situated just outside the National Park.

The park also occupies an estimated 1978 square kilometers of which 17% lies in the district of Kasese, 50% in Bushenyi district and 33% lying in Rukungiri District. The area of the park also extends from Lake George in the northeast to Lake Edward in the southwest and includes the kazinga channel which connects the two lakes. This park has also attracted many people to come for safari tours to Uganda.