Uganda hosts over 1065 bird species. The avifauna of Uganda includes several endemic birds and 4 rare or accidental birds.

These include: Ostriches, Grebes, Shearwaters and Petrels, Pelicans, Cormorants, Darters, Bitterns, Herons and Egrets, Hammer kop, Storks shoe bill, Ibises and Spoon bills, Flamingos, Ducks, Geese and Swans, Osprey, Hawks, Kites and Eagles, Secretary-bird, Caracaras and Falcons, Pheasants and Partridges, Guinea fowl, Buttonquails, Cranes, Rails, Crakes, Gallinules, and Coots, Sun grebe and Fin foots, Bustards, Jacanas, Painted snipe, Oystercatchers, Avocets and Stilts, Thick-knees, Pratincoles and Coursers, Plovers and Lapwings, Sandpipers and allies, Gulls, Terns, Skimmers, Sand grouse, Pigeons and Doves, Parrots, Turacos, Cuckoos, Barn owls, Typical owls, Nightjars, Swifts, Mouse birds, Trogons and Quetzals, Kingfishers, Bee-eaters, Typical Rollers, Hoopoes, Wood hoopoes, Hornbills, Barbets, Honey guides, Woodpeckers and allies, Broadbills, Pittas, Larks, Swallows and Martins, Wagtails and Pipits, Cuckoo-shrikes, Bulbuls, Thrushes and allies, Cisticola and allies, Old World warblers, Old World flycatchers, Wattle-eyes, Monarch flycatchers, Babblers, Tits, Tree creepers, Pendulant tits, Sunbirds and Spider hunters, White-eyes, Old World Orioles, Shrikes, Bush shrikes and allies, Helmet shrikes, Drongos, Crows, Jays, Ravens and Magpies, Starlings, Weavers and allies, Waxbills and allies, Indigo birds, Weavers and allies, Buntings, Sparrows, Seedeaters and allies, Siskin’s, Crossbills and allies, Sparrows .

Forest birds

These include: Yellow spotted nicator, yellow rumped tinker bird, little green bul, breasted pitta, the African pitta and the black bee-eater, Francolinus nobilis, Batis diops, Ploceus alienus and Cryptospiza jacksoni, Pigeon, Black Bee-eater, Blue-throated Brown Sunbird, Blue-throated Roller, Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo, White-collared Olive-back, Cinnamon-breasted Bee-eater, Shelley’s Greenbul, Equatorial Akalat and Mountain Illadopsis, African pitta, green breasted pitta, black bee-eater, yellow spotted nicator, yellow rumped tinker bird, little Greenbul, black-eared ground thrush, brownchested alethe, blue-breasted kingfisher, Abyssinian ground thrush, and the crowned eagle.

 Savannah birds

These include: White-winged Warblers, Black-billed Barbet, Crested Francolin, Brown Parrot, Red necked Spur, Emerald-spotted Wood Dove, Temminck’s Courser, common Quails, Greenwood Hoopoe, Blue-napped Mouse bird, Barefaced Go-away bird, African-grey Hornbill, Nubian Woodpecker, Trilling Cisticola, Lilac-breasted Roller, Coqui Francolin, Red necked spur fowl, Black Bellied Bustard.

Wetland birds

Wet lands do habit several types of birds which include: Rey-headed Gull, White Winged Terns, Madagascar Bee-eater, Yellow Billed Egret and Long toed Plover. If you choose to have a walk along the tracks on the main road in search of more birds then you expect to see the Black Crake, African Fish Eagle, African Jacana, Malachite and Pied Kingfishers, Cape Wagtail, Swamp Flightier, Winding Cisticola, Blue- Breasted Bee- eater, Red Chested Sunbird, White-napped Pigeon (Columbia albinucha) and Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus) are considered globally Near-threatened.

Endemics bird species

Uganda has endemic birdlife species which include: Hapin’s Flycatcher, Entebbe Weaver, Grauer’s Broadbill, Grauer’s Scrub-Warbler, Karamoja Apalis Nahan’s Francolin, Shelley’s Crimson-wing, Thin-billed Flycatcher, Yellow-crested, Helmet shrike Blue Swallow, Corn Crake and Lesser Kestrel.