It is simple to find birding binoculars, however locating the best special deals ahead quality Nikon binoculars might be much more challenging. We’ll find out the best gear for you. The better ones start at about $250: you get what you pay for! Waterproof binoculars are great in Uganda as they are also dust-proof.  Most travelers use a 8 or 10 magnification and 32 objective. These are lighter than the 42 objectives, which can be heavy to carry all day.

Birding Gear
Learn about the best birding gear that you should not forget to get before setting out for a bird watching trip.


It is recommended for good quality wildlife shots that at least a 8x optical zoom should be used. Six to eight megapixels is fine unless you want poster-size photos. The potential tourist should pack a lens cloth that will be utilized to remove dust, several extra batteries (even if you use rechargeable – not all sites have power points) and several 1GB memory cards instead of one large one, to avoid losing all your photos if something goes wrong.