Have you ever wanted to experience what a safari is like? Have you ever thought about visiting an exotic destination for your holiday in Africa. If you do have the time to experience a lifetime holiday in Africa, then you should consider booking a safari in Uganda, a beautiful country that Sir Winston Churchill named the Pearl of Africa during his expedition into Africa.

Uganda the pearl of Africa is a very scenic country with the lush landscapes, flowing rivers, lots of wildlife, the lakes and mountains that are covered with the dense rain forest. This country is known for its friendly people and its safety for traveling. Uganda gives the best game views, chimpanzee trekking, cultural and heritage exchange, the adventure tourism with gorilla trekking that makes it as well as a great safari destination in Africa. Uganda’s main tourist attraction is mountain gorillas that are found in Bwindi impenetrable National park. Uganda is home to many chimps found in Kibale National park that have attracted many tourists to trek them. Queen Elizabeth is a great destination with lots of game viewing and the bird species.

Things to Do in Uganda

The gorilla tracking sector in the country of Uganda is well established since it started in the early 90’s and is benefiting the local communities that live near Bwindi Forest. Uganda’s gorilla population is stable and ever growing in the present years. We thank the effective management of the national park as well as the concerned conservation efforts. Bwindi forest provides walking trails which help in providing good beautiful views, bird watching and the waterfall visits. The tourists can adventure the local villages like Buhoma in order to be able to meet and acquire a taste of life in the rural areas.

Things to See in Uganda

Explore the exotic beauty of the wilderness with what nature has to offer. Well if you haven’t all you have to do is let go, explore and experience what a safari is like. You have lots of things to do that will make your trip the most interesting destination to explore during your holiday in East Africa.Though gorilla trekking is the most popular thing to do that most visitors embark on during their holiday, other activities to engage in include chimpanzee watching, game viewing, nature trekking, bird watching, etc.

Where to Stay in Uganda

Worried about where to stay in Uganda? The people of Uganda began to discover that a large number of visitors from all around the world are very delighted to explore the many safari and tourist attractions. For many years now, Uganda is brought up to be the most popular tourist attraction of Africa. Today, there are a tremendous amount of travelers taking a safari to see different types of animals such as lions, giraffes, elephants, zebras, leopards, the primates mans closest relatives; chimpanzees, gorillas, baboons, the birds, and many more.

Places to Visit in Uganda

Other tourists consider visiting the Uganda Parks, to exploring the different national parks like;

  • Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, home to more than half of the total remaining population of the gorillas,
  • Mgahinga Gorilla National Park,
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park,
  • Murchison Falls National Park,
  • Semuliki Forest National Park
  • Kibale Forest National Park,
  • Kidepo Valley National Park.

If you are looking to seeing the intriguing wildlife consisting of the big five, a visit to the savanna parks will be the most rewarding trip. If you are looking to primates watching you should consider a tour within the rain forests, venturing through the jungles, bonding with nature, as well as viewing the beautiful and exotic landscape. The tropical rain forests of Africa are among the most popular destinations to track primates. With all of these features that Uganda has to offer, it has definitely made this destination in Africa one of the most incredibly fascinating places to experience a safari.