Birding is a unique activity and enjoyed by some visitors. Uganda is endowed with many bird species, some are migratory and others are not. It is possible to rent a car and go for a birding trip. You may go alone on a self-drive trip in Uganda or hire a guide who is a birder.

We have guides who know good information about different birds in Uganda. They also know where to find specific birds. Just inquire with us and we shall allocate you a suitable person for you.

Visitors go for birding in Murchison falls, Kidepo, Semliki, Kibale, Bwindi, Mgahinga national parks and many more other places. Drive in any destination you prefer and in case you find different birds just stop and take photos.

Our guides know different routes in National parks and other destinations where you can find birds. In case you are coming for birding, just let us know and we shall advise you accordingly.

Some bird species can be found in forests, like Mabira forest, Maramagambo forest, Budongo and etc. There are those that can be found on boat cruises, a long side rivers and lakes like the kazinga channel of Queen Elizabeth National park.

We have good fleet of cars suitable for a birding trip, 4×4, both small and big cars. We also have those with pop up roof for easy viewing and taking photography.

It is also possible to do birding on a camping trip, to save on costs of accommodation; we have both ground tents and rooftop tents. The package comes with other camping equipment like cooking utensils, tents, chairs, tables, gas cylinder, mattresses, sleeping bags and etc.

There is freedom on a car rental trip, you can change the Itinerary depending on the attractions found on a place, if you have not seen a certain bird because of whether or something, you can give it some time on that particular place until you see it.