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Top Birding Safaris in Uganda

Uganda is rated among the most attractive country in Africa to bird watchers. This is true because it offers easy access to several bird’s habitants. These birds range from forest (Uganda specials), savannah forest birds, water birds and albertine rift endemics.

Most of the national parks and other protected areas act as good habitants for these bird species. A birding safari to Uganda aims at getting authentic experiences that you may not get amazing diversity of habitants as reflected in the ever-burgeoning bird list of over1000 species.

This therefore makes it the richest African birding destination.

At Experience Africa, we offer birding safaris in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. We have experienced and trained bird guides who will help you have the best birding encounters. Bird watchers are encouraged to consider visiting these bird habitats/spots.

Mabamba bay wetland at lake Victoria which is a home to different bird species such as the shoebill, black kite, African open- billed stork, African Jacana, lesser Jacana, winding Cisticolla to mention but a few.

In Africa, bwindi impenetrable national park, popularly known as Africa’s best birding area/ spot. It habits rare bird species of about 350species including23 albertine rift endemics of which 14 are not recorded anywhere else. Examples include blue- headed and regal sunbirds, white- bellied robin, African green broad bill, chapin’s fly catcher, Shelley’s crimson wing, purple- breasted and many others.

Queen Elizabeth is another bird watcher’s spot which in habits over600 species.Birdspecies include: African skimmer, malachite, gabon and slender- tailed nightjars, black- headed ganolek, verreaux’s eagle-owl, sedge warbler,papyrus canary, great white and pink- backed pelicans, swamp flycatcher, grey headed king fisher, goliath heron, Abyssinian  to mention but a few. Around the lakes of katwe and bunyampaka is another spot for flamingos.

Murchison falls National Park is yet another spectacular haven for bird watchers. It habits over 450 birds including the shoe bill, swamp fly catcher, goliath heron, Abyssinian ground hornbill, northern and red bishop, red- throated bee-eater, African quail finch, pied malachite and giant king fisher. Birding can also be done on a game drive on the Nile and nature walks.

Mgahinga gorilla national park is a home of 180 birds with some albertine rift endemics. Other bird’s species in this park include the black- headed waxbill, western green tinker birds, cape robin, white- starred robin, brown wood land warbler, stripe- breasted tit, rwenzori batis, and cinnamon bracken warbler and the greater double- collared sun birds. Bird viewing can also be done along the gorge trail.

Semiliki national park has recorded441 species in the riverine, forest and grassland avian habitats. It habits bird species like the African piculet, Maxwell’s black weaver, blue- billed malimbe, yellow throated nicator, piping hornbill, red- billed dwarf.

Kibale forest is also good site for bird watching. It has over 375 bird species including the few albertine rift. Kibale is known for the green- breasted pitta which many of bird watchers want to see. Other bird species include: red chested owlet, purple- breasted sun bird, blue- breasted king fisher crowned eagle, little green bull, black bee – eater, white- naped pigeon, red-chested fluffail and tiny sun bird.

The Rwenzori Mountains is also another birding spot. Over 177 birds species have been recorded including 19 albertine rift endemics.Birdding here is done while hiking in the forest zone. Species include rwenzori turaco, white- starred robin, slender- billed starlling, cinnamon- chested bee-eater, bearded vultures, long eared owl, arches’ robin- chat, lagden’s bush shrike to mention but a few.

Lake Mburo national park also acts as a birding destination since the birding spots are near the swamps of warukiri and rwoyo.It habits 315 bird species which include: crested francolin, emerald- spotted wood dove, brown parrot, bare faced go –away bird, red necked spurfowl, common quails, Nubian wood pecker, thrilling cisticola, bee-eaters and the cheeky bronze- tailed starling, African fish eagle and malachite and pied king fishers.

Budongo forest which has two parts: the Kaniyo pabidi in Murchison falls national park and the royal mile and busingiro areas found in the south park. It has recorded 350 species with the popular ones being cassin’s spine trail, chestnut- capped fly catcher, huri batis nahan’s francolin, chocolate- backed, blue- breasted and African dwarf king fisher.

Other birding sites include areas Entebbe such as botanical gardens and Uganda wildlife education Centre, mabira forest, Nyamiriro swamp, kyambura reserve, sango bay Nabugabo wetland, lutembe bay, lake opeta, mountain Elgon national park, Kidepo valley national park Bisinia, Doho and rice scheme.

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