New Bird Guides Passed out in Uganda

The Uganda tourism Board passed out over 53 bird guides in Kibale National park with enforcement of being disciplined and professional. This will help in improving the operation of the birding safaris within the country. The head of Uganda Tourism Board also commented that 50% of the tourists who come to Uganda are as a result of the referrals. He added that bad hospitality due to such factors as poor integrity which can lead to negative referrals and hence Uganda losing out.

The boss of UTB urged the passed tour guides to keep the high levels of integrity to attract tourism growth within the country which will also help in increasing the number of tourists interested in coming for birding safaris in Uganda. Birding is also a gold mine which meant that the guides must keep the standards and the integrity within the tourism sector. The new safari birding guides were advisable not to be so early to compete but in a hurry to cooperate. They were also advisable to learn more language to be able to add value to their birding training.

The training took two weeks and was sponsored by Uganda Tourism Board, United Nations Development Fund and also conducted by the Uganda Safari Guides Association. Tourism has fetched high revenues for the country which has helped in the development of the country, the guides are the eyes of the tourism sector and so they have to maintain discipline of the highest order. The passed guides will emphasize the quality of all services provided to the tourists within the tourism industry.

There are many skills of birding ecology which were learnt by the guides and these include; flight actions, feeding habitants, various bird feets, how to bird on foot, in a car, using boats and at night. They also learnt about the origin, evolution and the ecology of birding, behavior of birds, birds which are nearing to extinction, parasitic birds and the migratory birds. The guides are so essential in any completion of any safari tour in the country.


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